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The New Acceleration

An introduction to Artificial Intelligence and the technologies making life faster

Our relationship with computers is changing.

Advances in technologies known as Artificial Intelligence, particularly those in the machine learning and deep learning fields, are enabling computers to see, hear, talk and think.

The New Acceleration is an easy-to-read overview of the key technologies shaping our world. The new capabilities of computers and other devices have huge implications for business, for society and for individuals - bigger than the impact of any technological change to date.

Although the technology can be applied in areas as diverse as policing, criminal justice, healthcare and logistics, it comes with limitations and risks.

There will be casualties along the way for those who don't change. AI is already silently and invisibly changing everything. If you don't learn to see it, question it and embrace it, you'll lose out.

The New Acceleration is your essential guide to this challenging and exciting world.

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