Although it's a new complex area, there are already lots of great resources available if you'd like to learn more about AI. Here's some I found particularly interesting. 


If you have half an hour and want a good intro to AI from Silicon Valley Venture Capital firm Andressen Horowitz, check out:


Then consider their AI Playbook which offers some useful guidance on using AI:


Good overview of DL:


McKinsey overview of AI:


A nice short visual intro to ML Machine Learning:


An excellent AI overview:


Courses on AI

Machine Learning by Professor Andrew Ng on Coursera ($75 for certificate - 19 Hours)

Google Machine Learning Crash Course (Free - 15 Hours)

Bloomberg Foundations of Machine Learning Course with over 30 YouTube lectures (Free):


Online Services


Downloads to Try


Downloads for Developers Only

You need to be a developer to try this one:


Build a simple Android app for Image Recognition with Tensorflow


Other things to try

If you’re not a developer but would like to try to build your own speech recognition or computer vision projects, try these kits from Google:

Interesting Links

A thought-provoking Speculative Design exercise from Google:


Video of robot picker in a grocery warehouse:


An excellent resource on AI vs Human performance across multiple areas:


The challenges of Designing for Voice Interactions:


More details on data quality and bias:

The excellent annual Kleiner Perkins Internet Trends Report supplied many graphs referenced in the book