Life As A Passenger

How driverless cars will change the world

Driverless cars are nearly here and it’s time for us all to think about the future we want. The scope of the changes and economic upheaval they will unleash over the coming decades is unparalleled in modern times.

 The world we live in today has been built around cars and their human drivers. Few technologies have been as economically important and transformative as the automobile - it determines where we live, where we shop as well as how we spend our time and our money. It also kills over a million people a year. All that changes now.

 The decisions we make about driverless technology will shape our society for decades to come - this book explores the changes and challenges ahead, so you can be ready for one of the most profound change-enablers in human history and the far-reaching implications. Get ready for Life As A Passenger.

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